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Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Year, New Dreams, New Risks!

2016 is in full swing.  Our family is happy.  I'm still running after two crazy little boys.  The Hubs is in the thick of finishing his BS in Legal Studies and on to law school in the fall.

This presents a huge challenge for our family. Hence, the "Risk" part of the title.  Joe. will. quit. his. job!

Yep, little old me.  Mama, is left to fend off the bill collectors. Just me. Am I scared. Uh, you could say, a little.  No, let's say ALOT!

But we have something that many many other family's do not. A Faith in God. Not just any god. THE God who owns everything, including those 1000 cattle on the hill (not that I need those), but he owns all opportunities, provisions, and yes, the money really is all His. 

So, I am nervous.  Not fearful.  Just curious.  Very curious, how will this ever work?  I do ask Him that often. 

Well, part of the answer came this past summer when I successfully passed my real estate exam and now am a licensed real estate professional.  That's right! I'm a Realtor. Just like Every. Single. Other. person here in southwest Florida! ugh.   You have no idea how many people tell me that when I tell them what my "Day Job" is.  It's mindblowing.  I haven't closed a deal yet.  But I'm ready!

The real bread and butter I'm hopeful will bring in some good money is doing what I absolutely love! Being a Food Critic!!! (naw just kidding)  But man that'd be awesome.  Travel, eat and get paid for it.  Yep, I'd be in heaven.  I'd be in a size 50 and unable to move but you bet. I'd be happy. 

No, seriously.  My real love is singing and performing.  It's my hope to get some bookings locally and even away to sing and do event performance.  I'm working on a killer jazz/standards set that will be fabulous for this type of town.  Looking forward to getting booked through Christmas soon!

So, that's where we are.  Things be a changing.  But we're ready.  We're placing our hope and trust in Jesus.  Determined to work hard!  And determined to get the mortgage paid....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Fun June 2013

Setting off in a car packed to the rim with clothes, concert equipment and two boys for a traveling up and down the United States for two weeks was no doubt a hand full of work but made for a heart fuller of joy and memories. 

MARTIN, TN- Had a great stop of for a Williams (my mom's side) reunion accompanied with a Sunday evening concert at a sweet church, Central Baptist.  It was a great chance to be with such a welcoming church family for music and testimony. 

MICHIGAN FAMILY-  It was so wonderful having some long awaited time with family (my Dad's side) the Pattersons.  Seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff and so many others was a blessing.  The boys loved playing with their cousin Kimberly and getting outside in some of the most beautiful weather I've ever felt.  Summer in MI.  There's nothing quite like it.  75, sunny and breezy. That's heaven weather to me.  

Off to KANNAPOLIS, NC- Then we headed south again to stay with Joe's folks where we were finally able to introduce my parents to as they traveled along with us on their way home to Naples.  It was a long time coming, a whole decade, but they finally met.  It was a sweet time sharing different family stories.  Finding out that our families and upbringing weren't all that strange or different from each other.  Though I'm sure my family and I are still considered very much "Yankees" to my Hubby's "Country" folk. :)

After much fun we left and spent a few days with friends at a charming cabin along side a rushing river. The boys absolutely fell in love with the adventure of figuring out fun ways to spend the days, tubing down the lazy water, swing from a rope just to drop down to make the biggest splash they could.  Joe and I even took a trip down the river on tubes, which was both scary and exilerating at the same time.  We strolled the town of Blue Ridge, Ga. checking out antique shops along the way.  The Blue Ridge Railroad made its daily trek up to TN.  We had ice cream as we watched it come into the station. We finally packed up, said our goodbyes and headed back to our home in Florida.  

It was such a fun way to start our summer out.  Once I download the pictures from my phone, I'll add them here shortly. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Summer Adventure

What a whirlwind it was journeying to North Carolina, Gatlinburg, Savannah GA, then to the historic Atlantis Shuttle launch and finally some relaxing and fun at Disney World.

We spent time with Grandma and Grandpa Bare and family and enjoyed our time seeing everyone that we've missed. It was a great time sharing in our first summer trip with our NC family.

When it was finally time to leave, we headed out for a place I've been wanting to see. Savannah, GA. What a sweet little town it was. Stunning architectur
Wyatt conquered his fears of all rides and went on Buzz Lightyear and Aladdin's Carpet ride. We were so excited and proud of him.

Declan was a trooper and went along with everything we wanted to do, he endured the long drives by sleeping alot. Thank you Lord! He was such a fun guy to watch, enjoying himself in each place we traveled. The boys are so loving with each other. What a joy to have these memories to enjoy for years to come.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Declan's Dedication

Saturday, June 6th we celebrated our dedication and commitment to raise Declan and Wyatt in honor of the Lord. Family and friends gathered at church to witness our family stand up with Pastor so that Joe and I could affirm our commitment to our sons that we have made a promise to the Lord to raise them in a Christian home. What a special time for us to present our precious gifts back to the Lord asking for His blessing in helping us being the best parents we can be in the hopes that someday soon they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and following and serve Him as godly little boys and then men. We are so in awe of God's graciousness to us to allowing us to be these two special boy's Mommy and Daddy. Praise the Lord for He has done great things!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wyatt's 1st Soccer Practice

What a special time it was watching Wyatt in his first sporting practice this past Thursday. He did so well at learning and playing and we were so proud of his efforts. We were blessed by family coming to watch, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Jen with John Robert, Hannah Mae and Sarah Kate. We played afterward at the community park and went to have pizza later. Wyatt is such a special little boy. His eagerness and attention to the coach was so neat to see. He can't wait to get to the next practice.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Our precious little boy Declan Elijah arrived on March 11th at 9:52am by c-section. He was 6 pds 9 ozs, 19 inches long. He screamed immediately when he came out, which hey consider good respitory strength. Alas, he slowly started showing signs of distress in his breathing and soon was taken to the NICU and he has been here ever since. We are prayerful that he will be coming home to us by the end of this week. It has been difficult but we hold on to God's promises and provision that we are confident that none of this is too difficult for God. We look forward a life time of blessings through this special little boy who's name means "Full of Goodness" and "The Lord is my God."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Remembering Grandpa Bobby 1932-2010

Last night we were shaken by the sudden death of our sweet Grandpa Bobby while in the care of a nursing facility in Fort Myers. Mom and Dad came just at the same time as they tried to resusitate him from respitory distress brought on by COPD and a paralysed lung suffered from his stroke in December. We are all sad but know exactly where he is right now, in the arms of Jesus and among his family and friends who have gone before him. He is no longer suffering the affects of the stroke but has an eternal life of no more tears as Rev. 21 says. Christ has wiped away every tear from his eyes and he is truly alive in the presence of our Great and Mighty King. Grandpa Bobby lived 77 years, had two children Donna Lorraine Williams Patterson and Daniel Scott Williams, both of whom loved him and cared for him in these last years of his life. Uncle Dan is having his first child this Friday and we are saddened that Grandpa wasn't able to make it till little Joey Scott's birth, but we know he has seen him and the one who has made him and we pray for Uncle Dan and Aunt Missi's comfort this week. Grandpa has 3 grandchildren, John Scott Patterson, Bria Lorraine Patterson Bare, and as of Friday newborn Joseph Scott Williams. He has 5 grandchildren, John Robert, Hannah Mae and Sarah Katherine Patterson, Wyatt Matthew Bare and due April 6th a newborn great-grandson. Each of us loved our sweet Grandpa Bobby who had a meek and mild spirit that we all admired. He served his country in the US Army while stationed at Fort Hood for 4 years in his early years. He was married to our Grandma Delores Ruth Williams who had gone ahead to eternity in August 1999. He was one of 11 children most of which lived or lives in Tennessee. Grandpa loved to play pool as well as was his daughter Donna's prayer partner for the last few years.
Grandpa Bobby loved Jesus, his family and enjoyed watching all of us during family gatherings. We are proud to have had him as our Grandpa and Great-Grandpa and know that some day we will see him again in heaven. We love you and will miss you always Grandpa Bobby.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joe's Deacon Ordination Jan 17th, 2010

What a privilege it was to watch Joe being ordain as a deacon at our church, First Baptist Church of Naples. We were blessed by the prayers and fellowship that made it an evening to remember. Joe's testimony was so precious to hear as he gave the Lord all glory and praise for what He has done in Joe's life. We can not believe all that God has done in our lives and where He has brought us. As Joe begins his service to the deacon ministry and congregation, I am humbled by God's faithfulness to restore "that which the locusts have eaten" and see such a wonderful work in Joe's life as he serves his God, family and church with joy and commitment.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at Disney December 2009

What a magical time it was spending our anniversary and Christmas family vacation at Disney this past December. Grandma and Grandpa came with us and made it an extra special time celebrating together the Christmas holiday and 6 years of marriage for Joe and I.
Wyatt absolutely loved going on all the rides especially the Race Car Speedway at the Magic Kingdom and Soarin' at EPCOT. What a wonderful ride that all of us could enjoy. We are grateful to have the chance to get away and be together. Next time we come we'll have an extra bundle of joy to celebrate with!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Having a Baby Boy!

As many of you know already, we decided to find out what we were having for many reasons and we are excited to announce that Wyatt will have a new baby brother in early Spring, April 6th is our estimated due date.

It was such a surprise and overwhelming feeling to find out God has chosen us to be parents of another little boy that we pray will become a vibrant man of God. It is humbling to know that God would entrust the upbringing of any child to us but to give us another son, we know that God has great plans for these Bare Boys.

We went in on Monday October 26 for the ultrasound, OB visit and quad screen. All looked great for our little man, his weight is 7oz. all vitals were found and measured successfully. And on top of that, my blood work came back fine, no signs of developmental abnormalities such as Downs, Trisomy and Neural Tube defects. Praise the Lord!

Our baby is approximately 17 weeks 4 days old as of today. And we are so looking forward to meeting him in 5 months.

We so appreciate your prayers for this little one and are now on the hunt for the right name. We're close but still have yet to nail down a first name. I am excited about a possible middle name, I have been really focused on one prophet's name of old. We'll be holding out until the birth for it to be a surprise on that day.

More to come soon.....