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Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Having a Baby Boy!

As many of you know already, we decided to find out what we were having for many reasons and we are excited to announce that Wyatt will have a new baby brother in early Spring, April 6th is our estimated due date.

It was such a surprise and overwhelming feeling to find out God has chosen us to be parents of another little boy that we pray will become a vibrant man of God. It is humbling to know that God would entrust the upbringing of any child to us but to give us another son, we know that God has great plans for these Bare Boys.

We went in on Monday October 26 for the ultrasound, OB visit and quad screen. All looked great for our little man, his weight is 7oz. all vitals were found and measured successfully. And on top of that, my blood work came back fine, no signs of developmental abnormalities such as Downs, Trisomy and Neural Tube defects. Praise the Lord!

Our baby is approximately 17 weeks 4 days old as of today. And we are so looking forward to meeting him in 5 months.

We so appreciate your prayers for this little one and are now on the hunt for the right name. We're close but still have yet to nail down a first name. I am excited about a possible middle name, I have been really focused on one prophet's name of old. We'll be holding out until the birth for it to be a surprise on that day.

More to come soon.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 15 Baby Bare is Doing Well!

We are so excited that baby has been doing well. We have just completed our 15th week and everything seems to be going normal. I on the other hand have been a bit neurotic and been waiting anxiously for "quickening" to start. Wyatt is getting to be such a big boy, we're working on potty training and I am praying that he gets it by the time the baby is here. We're excited about the holidays coming and our Christmas vacation to Disney World as well as spending time at Christmas in NC. We've been so blessed with our new house and are so enjoying spending quiet evenings together as a family playing in the living room with Wyatt. I'm looking forward to the beginning of construction on our new laundry room as we have been without one since we've moved in.