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Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Year, New Dreams, New Risks!

2016 is in full swing.  Our family is happy.  I'm still running after two crazy little boys.  The Hubs is in the thick of finishing his BS in Legal Studies and on to law school in the fall.

This presents a huge challenge for our family. Hence, the "Risk" part of the title.  Joe. will. quit. his. job!

Yep, little old me.  Mama, is left to fend off the bill collectors. Just me. Am I scared. Uh, you could say, a little.  No, let's say ALOT!

But we have something that many many other family's do not. A Faith in God. Not just any god. THE God who owns everything, including those 1000 cattle on the hill (not that I need those), but he owns all opportunities, provisions, and yes, the money really is all His. 

So, I am nervous.  Not fearful.  Just curious.  Very curious, how will this ever work?  I do ask Him that often. 

Well, part of the answer came this past summer when I successfully passed my real estate exam and now am a licensed real estate professional.  That's right! I'm a Realtor. Just like Every. Single. Other. person here in southwest Florida! ugh.   You have no idea how many people tell me that when I tell them what my "Day Job" is.  It's mindblowing.  I haven't closed a deal yet.  But I'm ready!

The real bread and butter I'm hopeful will bring in some good money is doing what I absolutely love! Being a Food Critic!!! (naw just kidding)  But man that'd be awesome.  Travel, eat and get paid for it.  Yep, I'd be in heaven.  I'd be in a size 50 and unable to move but you bet. I'd be happy. 

No, seriously.  My real love is singing and performing.  It's my hope to get some bookings locally and even away to sing and do event performance.  I'm working on a killer jazz/standards set that will be fabulous for this type of town.  Looking forward to getting booked through Christmas soon!

So, that's where we are.  Things be a changing.  But we're ready.  We're placing our hope and trust in Jesus.  Determined to work hard!  And determined to get the mortgage paid....