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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Fun June 2013

Setting off in a car packed to the rim with clothes, concert equipment and two boys for a traveling up and down the United States for two weeks was no doubt a hand full of work but made for a heart fuller of joy and memories. 

MARTIN, TN- Had a great stop of for a Williams (my mom's side) reunion accompanied with a Sunday evening concert at a sweet church, Central Baptist.  It was a great chance to be with such a welcoming church family for music and testimony. 

MICHIGAN FAMILY-  It was so wonderful having some long awaited time with family (my Dad's side) the Pattersons.  Seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff and so many others was a blessing.  The boys loved playing with their cousin Kimberly and getting outside in some of the most beautiful weather I've ever felt.  Summer in MI.  There's nothing quite like it.  75, sunny and breezy. That's heaven weather to me.  

Off to KANNAPOLIS, NC- Then we headed south again to stay with Joe's folks where we were finally able to introduce my parents to as they traveled along with us on their way home to Naples.  It was a long time coming, a whole decade, but they finally met.  It was a sweet time sharing different family stories.  Finding out that our families and upbringing weren't all that strange or different from each other.  Though I'm sure my family and I are still considered very much "Yankees" to my Hubby's "Country" folk. :)

After much fun we left and spent a few days with friends at a charming cabin along side a rushing river. The boys absolutely fell in love with the adventure of figuring out fun ways to spend the days, tubing down the lazy water, swing from a rope just to drop down to make the biggest splash they could.  Joe and I even took a trip down the river on tubes, which was both scary and exilerating at the same time.  We strolled the town of Blue Ridge, Ga. checking out antique shops along the way.  The Blue Ridge Railroad made its daily trek up to TN.  We had ice cream as we watched it come into the station. We finally packed up, said our goodbyes and headed back to our home in Florida.  

It was such a fun way to start our summer out.  Once I download the pictures from my phone, I'll add them here shortly. 

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